The Legacy of Self-hatred in the Black Community

Self-hatred has been a long standing problem in the Black community. We have been conditioned to believe being Black is less than and not as good. Today I felt it first hand I was at my local

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The White Supremacist in the White House

There has been a lot of discussion about what ESPN’s sports commentator Jemele Hill said about Donald Trump being a white supremacist and if she should be fired for expressing it on

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Top Free Screenwriting Software Programs

Here are Lucius Wilson's picks for the top free screenwriting programs on the market today!

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Lucius Wilson - Freelance Author

Does race have any scientific validity, or is it a social construct without any biological meaning? Many mainstream scientists believe the latter. All modern humans originated in Africa and have

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The Obvious Sound of Noise is Silence - Now on Amazon

I have appreciated the support I have received in the past from the many talented writers and artist in the past years that I have been allowed to express myself artistically on WordPress. I am

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