My tawny sweet that besieged my soul Shattering like glass my iron will I kneel before thou shining grace A lamb set to slaughter I offer all that I am Take me or doom me forever lost I am

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The World

Few could know the darkest hour That comes into the light Exposing the gray mood That hides its purpose from the hearts that turned The world into a place that would not love. By Lucius

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I Will Come

I will come whichever way I can, Driven by hope, by desire, and by fate To see you, to touch you, to love you I will come Whichever way I can, I will come.   By Lucius Wilson 

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 Rising memories fading with  light  A stranger in tomorrow’s night Thundering pain in my head A wicked beast, so vicious and dead The carnal glazes

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Gray Smoke

Wash me clean from this life Be I forever or no more I do walk alone A shadow, thin as grey smoke I drift waywardly into the murky night So fast and faint, a dream fading Consciousness adrift

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I’ve seen him before.  Waiting for what I do not know. Alone He sits, politely nodding to the passersby, checking his watch patiently.  He wears an old black suit with a

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I wish I were alone.   Knocking around free to be,  No restraints just peace.  A dark place,  A crawl space is what I need.   Blissful solitude,  A dark

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The Light

The unmistakable yearning, The sicken pinch, The awful emptiness of reality setting in, unable to go back, life moves on like a locomotive without brakes.  Heading for

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Forever Young

Do you really want to live forever? No, just in my time, with friends looped in time. Forever young never looking back, never behind always in the moment. Dreams still real and within reach,

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There She Goes

There she goes along the sun baked road,head back oblivious in her own world. The dull sun shining down on her brown hair, it’s fall when she appears, always fall. There she goes

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